U Pick Garden

Grandpa’s Garden has three acres of field vegetables and a one-acre high tunnel. A high tunnel is an unheated greenhouse that allows us to have a longer growing season for strawberries, raspberries, melons, tomatoes and peppers. All of our vegetables are grown under plastic mulch with drip irrigation. This keeps the weeds down and allows for very efficient use of water on our crops. We do NOT use herbicides, or pesticides on any of our fruit and vegetables.

Now Picking

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Update for July 12th, 2013


We’re just about completely picked out now. Maybe 5 or so pounds for the hearty picker. Don’t despair – we’re expecting a big flush from our new berries in the next two weeks or so. Once they start up we hope to have strawberries until the end of September. This all depends on Keep checking back for updates on our strawberries.


They’re looking good but not yet ripe. Expect them in two weeks or so. We have planted another five acres of raspberries this year and will be machine picking them in 2014.


These are getting close – likely in a week or so for pickling cukes. We have pickling, mini fresh and long English planted.

Fresh Peas

Our early peas are now ready and being picked. Our midseason and sugar snap peas should be ready within a week.

Green beans

We have an excellent looking bean crop. Small beans right now but they should be ready for picking in a week to 10 days.

Peppers and Tomatoes

Our peppers and tomatoes are grown inside one of our high tunnels. We presently have baby green bell peppers and a few yellow Hungarian wax peppers ready to pick. Our large coloured bell peppers ; yellow, orange, red and other colours should be ready for picking in mid-August. We also have some specialty hot peppers for those who like it hot.

Tomatoes are setting nicely. We have lots of large, beautiful green tomatoes (various varieties) and expect them to ripen sometime in August. We’ve picked a few ripe Sweet Chelsea tomatoes already. These are a yellow cherry tomato sweet and low in acid.


Picking now

Chinese Cabbage

Picking now


Picking now

Swiss Chard

young swiss chard now available.


Beet greens and young beets now available.


We have baby zucchini now ready for picking.


Ready now for picking.


Baby red and white potatoes now available in limited quantities. These taste awesome with fresh dill, butter and sour cream.

Winter Squash

Butternut, acorn, etc. Growing well, expect by the end of August.


Looking good expect the first ripe pumpkins in September.


Picking now – almost out. We experimented with brassicas this year; cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower. We wanted to grow them organically without any sprays or powders. Instead we used insect netting to keep off the cabbage moths away. These are our biggest problem. So far we’ve had an excellent crop. The broccoli has had large, crisp delicious heads.

Cabbage, brussle sprouts, cauliflower, eggplant

Expect these all in August.


Our corn crop is doing very well, if the heat keeps us we hope to have our first cobs off in mid-August.


Unfortunately we have had a crop failure with our cantaloupe (muskmelon) and honeydew melon. Not sure what happened, but I think that strong winds in late May ripped off the tops of our plants and killed them. We will have a few honeydew melons available this season. On the other hand our watermelon survived and we expect to have an excellent crop. They are flowering now and should begin to fruit and ripen by mid to late August.

Lettuce and Spinach

Something has been eating our lettuce so we’re not able to sell it now. The spinach has already gone to seed. Check these out next year.


We have planted a few as an experiment. They are definitely growing but we’re uncertain as to when or if they’ll fruit this year.


Finished for the season.


Organically grown in our greenhouse. We have a large selection of cooking herbs and they’re all ready now. Including – basil, chervil, dill, thyme, rosemary, oregano, marjoram, cilantro, parsley, summer savory, mint, chives and garlic chives and sage.

We also grow medicinal herbs including calendula, lovage, borage, chamomile, comfrey, lavender, bergamot, catmint, lemon balm, skullcap, chia, echinecea, and yarrow.

We carry a line of essential oils in our store at the farm. For more information about medicinal herbs and their essential oils call us at (306) 684 3410 or email us at info@grandpasgarden.ca.


The magic has begun here at Grandpa's Garden, we are officially a NEW COTTAGE WINERY in Saskatchewan!

We received our manufacturing license on Feb. 13th, 2016; then last week, we had our wine consultant, Dominic Rivard, a world renowned fruit wine expert come out to the farm to help us get started.

We're not making just any fruit wine, but MEAD - honey wine! Grandpa's Garden is known for our locally grown fruit and our honey. What better way to make wine than to use both of those ingredients. AND, it tastes amazing!! For those of you who have never tasted mead, honey wine, it can be sweet or dry and we'll be having both.

Our first batches are in the vats. We're making haskap, strawberry, cherry,a raspberry dessert wine, a fabulous mead with a hint of melon, and a fruit fusion. We'll be announcing the name of our winery and letting everyone know when our first wines will be available. We expect it to be sometime in May. We'll keep you posted.

For our customers and friends who come out to our U-Pick here at the farm, we'll still have the wonderful fruits, veggies and honey you expect.

Winter Blues!

Jan. 2016 Update

It's the dead of winter and cold outside!  This is the time of year when we dream of freshly picked strawberries, newly shelled peas and crisp sweet lettuce. Just 6 more months until our dreams can come true! We'll be open again for business in late June or early July.  It all depends on mother nature. The good news is our honey from last season is still available.  Our cinnamon honey has been very well-received, a little special something to keep you going during these frosty nights! So good, and so good for you!!

We're still busy here at Grandpa's Garden making changes to our store!!  We'll have an announcement about the BIG NEWS in February.... I'll be launching it on our Facebook page.  If you haven't liked us there yet, we are grandpasgardensk. Be sure to check us out, as I update the page all summer long with what local fruits and veggies we have available.

In the meantime keep warm and we'll see you again at the farm!