Fruit Honey

This isn’t any ordinary honey. Our fruit honey is made using ONLY the finest Saskatchewan honey and fruit; there are no artificial extracts, preservatives or colouring. It’s honey first with an amazing natural fruit flavour.

Fruit honey is delicious on toast, pancakes or straight out of the jar! It makes a wonderful vinaigrette and tastes great as a natural sweetener in tea.

Our product was developed on the farm, then tested and produced in a federally inspected facility.

Our bees pollinate first our fruit trees then produce honey from alfalfa and clover. We can’t call our honey organic because we don’t know where they roam, but we don’t use insecticides, herbicides or pesticides on our fruits and vegetables.

We grow our own strawberries, raspberries and sour cherries, but when we don’t have sufficient fruit we rely on other Saskatchewan farmers who provide us with organically grown haskap and cherries. We are pleased to be able to support Saskatchewan fruit growers through the development of our products.

Our product is shelf stable. That means that it doesn’t need to be refrigerated before or after opening.

We are excited to be able to produce this quality product for our customers.

A Special Thank You

The development of our fruit honey along with our website would not have been possible without the support of the Saskatchewan Agri-Value Initiative (SAVI) Grant Program, Saskatchewan Agri-Value Initiative Grant.

Our Flavors

Cherry Honey 

Our flagship product is made combining honey and sour cherries. Sounds simple, but we have an exact and secret process to make is both safe and delicious. We don’t skimp on the fruit either. Our sour cherries bushes were developed at the University of Saskatchewan through their outstanding Fruit Program. Sour cherries are considered to be antioxidant powerhouses that contain anthocyanins know to reduce inflammation and risk for arthritis and gout. For more information check out this website on Sour Cherries Antioxidant Research.

As well, you can be certain that we have retained the beneficial properties of raw honey since our products are not pasteurized. Our product is both delicious and healthy.

Haskap Honey

Haskap, also called honeyberry, is the latest superfruit. This purple fruit has a tangy flavour and a beautiful consistency when blended with our honey. It is truly a taste sensation both unique and delectable. My grandson, Alex, can’t get enough! This is sure to be a hot seller!

We are in the process of developing our haskap orchard but our own fruit is not yet available. We are hoping for our first crop in 2015. Again the University of Saskatchewan has been instrumental in developing new haskap varieties that can withstand our severe climate conditions. Check out the Haskap Health Benefits.

Raspberry Honey

This smooth and creamy honey is delightful. We have chosen to take out the raspberry seeds as we felt the product texture was far superior. We hope you’ll agree! If you love honey and raspberries this combination can’t be beat.

Strawberry Honey

We are proud to be able to supply all the strawberries for our strawberry honey from our own strawberry fields. We are able to make certain the fruit is fully ripened which translates to a deeper, richer flavour. The subtle strawberry taste complements the creamy honey with its overtones of clover and alfalfa.

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The magic has begun here at Grandpa's Garden, we are officially a NEW COTTAGE WINERY in Saskatchewan!

We received our manufacturing license on Feb. 13th, 2016; then last week, we had our wine consultant, Dominic Rivard, a world renowned fruit wine expert come out to the farm to help us get started.

We're not making just any fruit wine, but MEAD - honey wine! Grandpa's Garden is known for our locally grown fruit and our honey. What better way to make wine than to use both of those ingredients. AND, it tastes amazing!! For those of you who have never tasted mead, honey wine, it can be sweet or dry and we'll be having both.

Our first batches are in the vats. We're making haskap, strawberry, cherry,a raspberry dessert wine, a fabulous mead with a hint of melon, and a fruit fusion. We'll be announcing the name of our winery and letting everyone know when our first wines will be available. We expect it to be sometime in May. We'll keep you posted.

For our customers and friends who come out to our U-Pick here at the farm, we'll still have the wonderful fruits, veggies and honey you expect.

Winter Blues!

Jan. 2016 Update

It's the dead of winter and cold outside!  This is the time of year when we dream of freshly picked strawberries, newly shelled peas and crisp sweet lettuce. Just 6 more months until our dreams can come true! We'll be open again for business in late June or early July.  It all depends on mother nature. The good news is our honey from last season is still available.  Our cinnamon honey has been very well-received, a little special something to keep you going during these frosty nights! So good, and so good for you!!

We're still busy here at Grandpa's Garden making changes to our store!!  We'll have an announcement about the BIG NEWS in February.... I'll be launching it on our Facebook page.  If you haven't liked us there yet, we are grandpasgardensk. Be sure to check us out, as I update the page all summer long with what local fruits and veggies we have available.

In the meantime keep warm and we'll see you again at the farm!