About Us

Why Grandpa's Garden?

Naming a business is like naming a baby it needs to have personal meaning and it must resonate with the owners. And so it was for us. Even though we are now grandparents ourselves we named our business in memory of our fathers. And although we’re not called Grandma’s Garden, our mothers were just as important.

Gordon and Myrna Letz

Dad was an avid gardener. He loved more than anything being able to grow fresh vegetables for our family in our backyard garden. I will never forget the pleasure I got as a child from eating peas fresh from the garden or carrots with soil still clinging to them. Dad grew enough cucumbers so Mom could put up dill pickles that would last the year. She would also pickle beans (her famous mustard bean pickles) and beets and BC fruit. We had a big crabapple tree that Mom would use to make apple juice from. We had a cold room in our basement that held the potatoes and onions we would use throughout the winter until they either went too soft to eat or too sprouty. But no bother, Dad was ever thrifty and would plant them the following year.

He also loved flowers and was so proud of, among others, his dahlias, which he grew every year from a plant root that was passed down to him from his mother. Mom would cut his beautiful peonies and use them as fresh flowers in the dining room. She loved them so much she would always take pictures of them and exclaim about their beauty.

We grew up in Calgary, but my Dad was a farm boy who never really left his farming roots behind. We had chickens in our back yard (and sometimes ducks, too) for all the years of my childhood. When Mom and Dad retired they made their last stop in Innisfail, AB where Dad kept laying hens until the last days of his life. Dad continued to garden too, he built himself a little greenhouse, had a strawberry patch, a much bigger crabapple tree, and of course the vegetable garden. He was never happier than when he was eating his chickens’ eggs with fresh radish and onions from the garden.

Mom passed away on their 60th wedding anniversary, July 10th, 2008 and we lost Dad in January 2010. Dad passed along his love of gardening to me, and mom the importance of finding ways to preserve our garden fresh food through the winter months.

- Vickie

Henry and Elizabeth Derksen

Henry Derksen was a farmer from Main Centre, SK. Along with his wife Elizabeth they raised seven children, five girls and two boys.

We are so pleased that we can celebrate Grandma Elizabeth’s ninetieth birthday here at Grandpa’s Garden on August 4th, 2013.


The magic has begun here at Grandpa's Garden, we are officially a NEW COTTAGE WINERY in Saskatchewan!

We received our manufacturing license on Feb. 13th, 2016; then last week, we had our wine consultant, Dominic Rivard, a world renowned fruit wine expert come out to the farm to help us get started.

We're not making just any fruit wine, but MEAD - honey wine! Grandpa's Garden is known for our locally grown fruit and our honey. What better way to make wine than to use both of those ingredients. AND, it tastes amazing!! For those of you who have never tasted mead, honey wine, it can be sweet or dry and we'll be having both.

Our first batches are in the vats. We're making haskap, strawberry, cherry,a raspberry dessert wine, a fabulous mead with a hint of melon, and a fruit fusion. We'll be announcing the name of our winery and letting everyone know when our first wines will be available. We expect it to be sometime in May. We'll keep you posted.

For our customers and friends who come out to our U-Pick here at the farm, we'll still have the wonderful fruits, veggies and honey you expect.

Winter Blues!

Jan. 2016 Update

It's the dead of winter and cold outside!  This is the time of year when we dream of freshly picked strawberries, newly shelled peas and crisp sweet lettuce. Just 6 more months until our dreams can come true! We'll be open again for business in late June or early July.  It all depends on mother nature. The good news is our honey from last season is still available.  Our cinnamon honey has been very well-received, a little special something to keep you going during these frosty nights! So good, and so good for you!!

We're still busy here at Grandpa's Garden making changes to our store!!  We'll have an announcement about the BIG NEWS in February.... I'll be launching it on our Facebook page.  If you haven't liked us there yet, we are grandpasgardensk. Be sure to check us out, as I update the page all summer long with what local fruits and veggies we have available.

In the meantime keep warm and we'll see you again at the farm!